Company profile:

The Universal Export FZС Company, with the headquarters located in the United Arab Emirates and a Representative Office in Almaty city, Republic of Kazakhstan, is the official partner and sales agent of largest manufacturers of refractory materials in China, - Puyang and Europe, - RHI Magnesite and RHI Magnesite with the Interstop trademark, Switzerland.
Our reliable partner, a manufacturer of slide gate systems from Germany, - Knoellinger FLO-TEC GmbH. 

Moreover, Universal Export FZС Company is the official representative of INSTRON ITW, - a largest manufacturer of testing machines for the Central Asia Region, representing the products and services of this company with 75 years of experience in providing advanced, best-in-class equipment and services in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

Additionally, Universal Exports FZC is a supplier of a various equipment for iron and steel production: Steel ladle and Tundish sliding gates systems, Induction furnaces (various capacities), consumable items: various types of Conveyor belts, Graphite electrodes: RP, HP, UHP grades; Graphite grease for pipe productions. 

As well as vast range of ferroalloys like: Ferro Molybdenum, Ferro Vanadium, Ferro Chrome, Ferro Manganese, Ferro Silico Manganese etc.